Always a big question on everyone’s mind! I can work within most budgets.
The important thing is to be honest up front about what you are hoping to spend. My painting services can range from $400 to $4,000 or more for residential and commercial projects. I can create a complete panoramic view throughout the entire room including the skies above, or the project can be as simple as a few birds scattered about a solid background. The options are endless. Based on what you are willing to spend, I can make suggestions and tailor the design to meet your budget.

Prices are determined per project and are based on several factors:

  • Size
  • Amount of Detail required
  • Estimated Time to complete project
  • Initial Preparation Work ( patching holes, priming, etc. )
  • Special Requirements Needed- such as scaffolding, detailed research, etc
  • Travel expenses

Pay the agreed upon amount… no surprises!
After the initial consultation, you will receive your proposal that outlines the scope of work and a price for the entire project. As long as the initial plan doesn't change, the estimate doesn't change either- so you know exactly what you will be spending. You will not be charged more if your job takes longer to complete than expected. This way, the project is finished when I am satisfied and can proudly put my signature on the work with no added stress and hourly wages charged to the customer!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Ultimately, the project isn’t complete until YOU say it is. When I’ve exceeded your expectations and left you with more than you wanted, I’ve done my job.

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